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Risk Leaders 2018 is brought to you with the help our sponsors

With special thanks to our Diamond Industry Partner, LexisNexis.

Minimise risk by maximising the data that supports your most critical business decisions.

LexisNexis is a leading provider of aggregated global content and powerful business intelligence tools. Protect your organisation from the risk of heavy fines and damage to corporate reputation by accessing the information you need on people, companies and countries.

Our cost effective and flexible product modules include:

  • PEP, sanctions, watch list and negative news screening
  • Enhanced due diligence and reporting
  • Proactive supply-chain and third-party risk media monitoring
  • Outsourced due diligence, compliance and risk advisory
  • Content integration and data feeds (APIs) into proprietary systems


Magique Galileo

Magique Galileo provides exible and fully integrated web-based solutions for enterprise risk management, policy compliance, incident management, questionnaires, issue tracking and extensive reporting. Its web interface works with PC, laptop, iPad and other smart devices, enabling the whole organisation to participate in the risk management and assurance processes.


The Protecht Group is a leader in Enterprise Risk Management Software and Services that enables organisations to achieve their strategic objectives through efficient, effective and agile Risk Management. Protecht.ERM™, Protecht’s flagship product, has been deployed in a SaaS model since development commenced in 2002 and remains ahead of the curve on innovation and functionality.

Used by government agencies, regulators, commercial and not-for-profit organisations of all sizes and risk maturity, Protecht.ERM™ allows companies to seamlessly integrate risk management into their day-to-day activities and gain operating efficiencies through its flexible web-based forms, workflow engine and highly adaptable reports and dashboards.

Sai Global

SAI Global helps organizations proactively manage risk to create trust and achieve business confidence, growth, and sustainability.

It helps companies take a more integrated approach to managing risk. Its world-class solutions and renowned team of experts provide advice at every step ensuring companies have the information they need to make the decisions required to protect and grow their businesses and their reputation.


ALYNE is an award-winning Regulation Technology Software company - that makes it easy for organisations to reduce the cost - of managing risk and compliance obligations.

ALYNE's cloud solution makes risk and compliance management as easy as browsing social media.

ALYNE’s innovative approach and agile risk insights - enable organisations to make the right executive decisions and outcomes in real-time and to drive business advantage.

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