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The IRM is the leading global professional body for Risk Management. 

We drive excellence in managing risk to ensure organisations are ready for the opportunities and threats of the future. We do this by providing internationally recognized qualifications and training, publishing research, guidance and thought leadership and setting professional standards. 

The IRM Switzerland Regional Group (IRMSRG) hosts 4 annual risk management events for its members and guests, enabling them to stay abreast of key topics, global best practices, to forge and build strong relationships and to network in an open and friendly, supportive club style. 

We are excited about risk management thought leadership and we invite you to join us at one of our events. For our 2019 schedule of events, please click on the link below.

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Cyber Risk Management in the Digital Age: An event by the IRM’s Swiss Regional Group: 18th June, Zurich

Upcoming meetings

Cyber Security

Special Half Day Event: Joint Event IRM Switzerland (IRM) and Business Continuity Institute Switzerland (BC


Tuesday 26 November 2019 


16.00 start


Event venue: Brasserie Lipp, Uraniastrasse 9, 8001 Zurich

Apero: Jules Verne Observatory Bar


Non members: tbc

Free for IRM members




Keynote 01: Helen Yu, CEO, Tigon, Chicago, USA
Keynote 02: Dr Fred Mpala, CISO, Roche Diagnostics
Keynote 03: Tobias Kaspar, Risk Engineering, AIG

This event has been made possible thanks to our headline platinum sponsor, AIG Insurance Switzerland.

"Complexity - It's not complicated", "Operational Resilience - 5 Things to consider" & "What can we learn from the experts to turn Crises into Opportunities with bottom-line profits?"


Wednesday 25 September 2019 


17.15 for 17.30.00 start


PwC's Experience Center, c/o - Rieterstrasse 6, 8002 Zurich


Non members: £15

Free for IRM members


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Keynote 01: Stephen Carver, Cranfield School of Management
Complexity- it’s not complicated.
Stephen is a leading lecturer at one of Europe’s top business schools. A well-known raconteur with deep industry experience
Video coverage

Keynote 02: Harn-Jou Kwan, PwC
Operational Resilience: 5 Things to Consider

Keynote 03: Stephen Carver & Trish Thurley, Sims4Training
What Can We Learn From The Experts That Can Turn A Crisis Into An Opportunity With Bottom Line Benefits?

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This event has been made possible thanks to our event host, PricewaterhouseCoopers Switzerland.

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Previous meetings

Cyber Risk Management in the Digital Age and Society 5.0


Tuesday 18 June 2019 


17.45 for 18.00 start


Event venue: Brasserie Lipp, Uraniastrasse 9, 8001 Zurich

Apero: Jules Verne Observatory Bar


Kai Grunwitz, SVP EMEA, NTT Security,1039750

Video Coverage: kai grunwitz 

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We thank our sponsor NTT security for making this event possible. NTT Security Logo

Better decision-making in business by understanding honesty, trust, ethics and cognitive biases.


Tuesday 5 February 2019 


17.45 for 18.00 start


Event venue: Brasserie Lipp, Uraniastrasse 9, 8001 Zurich

Apero riche: Jules Verne Observatory Bar

Keynotes and panelists: 

  • Rajna Gibson Brandon, Professor of Finance at University of Geneva, Board of Directors BNP Paribas since 2018 & Swiss Re 2000-2018 
  • John Pottage, MD & Head of Risk Supervision & Culture, UBS Global Wealth Management
  • Christian Hunt, Head of Behavioural Science, Compliance & Operational Risk Control, UBS

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Risk Management in the Life Sciences Industry


Tuesday 27 November 2018 


16.00 registration for 16.15 start
18.30 apéro riche start in Pebbles Lounge on 38th floor of Building 1



IRM Members: Free

Non-members: GBP £22



 Axa Cropped

We thank our sponsors, AXA XL, for making this event possible. 

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Annual Risk Culture event


Tuesday 18 September 2018 


17.45 registration for 18.00 start, 20.00 apéro riche



IRM Members: Free

Non-members: GBP £28


We thank our sponsors, Thomson Reuters, for making this event possible.


  • Harnessing the Risk Agenda for strategic success - Alison Bewick
  • How to build a sustainable competitive advantage through Risk Culture - John Pottage
  • The power of data and technology in Financial Crime prevention - Nicola Passariello 

Moderated by Mike Shields

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IRM Switzerland Speakers Corner 

Topic: Delivering Effective Enterprise Risk Management and Influencing Main Boards and Executive Committees- sharing experiences, opinions and mutual assistance


Tuesday 28 August 2018 


18.30 registration for 18.45 start. Networking apero start 19.15


Ambrosi Viaduktstrasse 37, 8005 Zurich.

A 5 minute walk along the Viadukt from Tramstop “Dammstrasse” - 
Trams 4, 13, & 17


Complimentary for IRM members and non-members

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We thank our sponsors, XL Catlin, for making this event possible.


  • Creighton Twiggs, former Corporate Risk Manager of Clariant 


Creighton has experience in a number of areas but has always worked at corporate head offices. 

Starting out as an accountant, moving through treasury, legal, insurances, pensions, shareholder relations, company secretary and executive board member. This is not a typical route to becoming an Enterprise Risk Manager and therefore Creighton's views may be unusual for a risk manager.

Creighton does not think he has the answers or indeed the right questions and welcomes a lively discussion on delivering ERM assessments and risk management solutions to senior company managers.

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The Cyber Crystal Ball

Date: Tuesday 12 June 2018 
Begins at 18:00

XL Catlin Limmatstrasse 250, 8005 Zürich

Speaker: Rik Ferguson is one of the leading experts worldwide in information security. He is also a Special Advisor to Europol EC3, and a project leader with the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance. In April 2011 Rik was inducted into the Infosecurity Hall of Fame.
Rik Ferguson 

XL_Catlin _logo _black _rgb Copy This event was sponsored by XL Catlin.


Speakers Corner Event: U.S. Liability Litigation traps for Swiss and European Companies

Date: Tuesday 8 May 2018 
Begins at 18:30

Ambrosi, Viaduktstrasse 37, 8005 Zurich

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IRM Meeting:

Date: Monday 19 March 2018 
Begins at 18:00

XL Catlin
Limmatstrasse 250, 8005 Zürich


Agenda topics & speakers:

  • How Do Risk Managers Become Influential? - Professor Anette Mikes of HEC Lausanne  
  • 2025 Risk Agenda – What’s Next? - Carolyn Williams, Director of Corporate Relations, Institute of Risk Management, London  

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XL_Catlin _logo _black _rgb Copy This event is sponsored by XL Catlin.


IRM Speakers Corner Networking Evening & Open Mic:

Topic: “ValueS at Risk: The ethical Turn in Risk Management”

Date: Tuesday 6 February 2018 
Begins at 18:30
Location:   Ambrosi
Viaduktstrasse 37, 8005 Zurich
near “Dammweg” stop for trams 4, 13 & 17 


IRM Speakers Corner: 2018 Topics & Events Calendar and Open mic

Date: 14th November 2017
Time: Begins at 18:30

Ambrosi, Im Viadukt 25
Viaduktstrasse 37, 8005 Zurich


XL_Catlin _logo _black _rgb Copy XL Catlin have kindly sponsored this event.

Values at Risk: The Ethical Turn in Risk Management

Date:   28th November 2017
Time:   Begins at 17:30

Kessler & Co Inc. 
Forchstrasse 95, CH-8032 Zurich*



  • Is it possible to avoid predictable surprises and fend off man-made disasters? 
    • We will review the critical need for ethics in Risk Management and learn how an innovative and yet simple approach added significant value to companies at the heart of the Swiss economy.
  • Risk dialogue as a critical success factor for effective risk management
  • Networking and Flying-Dinner

View the full speaker profiles here.

Risk Culture - So undervalued and yet so critical

Date: 19th October 2017
Time: 18.00 - 20.00, followed by Apéro
Location:  Thomson Reuters, Hufgasse 10, 8008 Zurich 
Details: Click here for more info.


Risk Management Networking Event

Date: 4th July 2017
Time: Begins at 18:30
Location:  Ambrosi, Im Viadukt 25, Viaduktstrasse 37, 8005 Zurich 
  • IRM Speakers Corner presentation by Henrik Svangren, Risk and Insurance Specialist, Grundfos. Topic: "Risk Management and ISO 9001-2015

XL Catlin kindly sponsored this event.

It's Cyber D-Day! Where are you on the road from Cyber Insecurity to Cyber Security? And what is the role of Insurance?

Date:   6 June 2017
Location:    XL Catlin, Limmatstrasse 250, 8005 Zürich 

Details:   Click here for more info
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XL Catlin kindly sponsored this event.

Speaker profiles can be found here.

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Organising committee:
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Martin Cip 
John Corona
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John Pottage 
Flavia Silvestri
Svetlana Yarovikova 

Advisors to Organising Committee:
Thierry Fuhrer 
Daniel Imhof
Kurt Meyer

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18 June 2019- Cyber Risk Management in the Digital Age with Kai Grunwitz, NTT Security @ Brasserie Lipp, Zurich 

26 September 2019- Complex change with Stephen Carver, Turning Crises into opportunities with bottom line benefits with Stephen Carver & Trish Turley 

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