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Awards Judges

With a cross-continent judging panel comprising over 30 leading risk management practitioners and academics, the awards represent the pinnacle of achievement for risk professionals and organisations on a truly global stage.

Jackie Algar 100 CurveJackie Algar, Risk Manager, Brighton & Hove City Council

Risk Management is essential to plan our business, develop innovation and manage change effectively. From years of practice I recognise how we all benefit from sharing and learning across organisations, sectors and boundaries.

I support the IRM’s award process and look forward to us demonstrating and sharing the examples of what risk management can help to deliver.

Antonius Alijoyo 100 CurveDr. Antonius Alijoyo, Founder of Center for Risk Management Studies Indonesia, Audit Board of Indonesia Financial Services Authority

I am proud to be part of the judging panel for these awards as it is an excellent way to recognize the achievements of leading professionals around the world. I hope this recognition encourages them to keep developing better and better risk management practices for the greater benefits of society.

Domenic Antonucci 100 CurveDomenic Antonucci, Chief Risk Officer at Red Sea Housing Services, UAE

I am pleased to help the risk profession recognise emerging talent and to share innovative practice.

Grajudge _1Karen Baker, Executive Director, Global Risk Management, International Financial Data Services

As our global risk management industry moves through volatile and highly complex markets our effectiveness and technical capabilities need to be ever more innovative and business collaborative. The IRM Global Risk Awards lead our profession bringing the highest industry accolades. For which I am delighted to contribute as a judge in this years annual awards.

Cumhur Bilgili 100 CurveCumhur Bilgili, Müdür, Risk Yönetim / Manager, Risk Management;Brisa Bridgestone Sabanci, Turkey

Risk management is becoming an essential skill for successful leaders of today and the future. Leaders who have the risk-based decision-making skills will be the pioneers of the global business world of the next age. The IRM Global Risk Awards event is not only a motivator for companies but also a platform for idea sharing and intellectual capital growth in risk management. I am proud of being a 2014 Global Risk Awards winner and very excited to be on the jury for so many inspiring entries.

Jonathan Blackhurst 100 CurveJonathan Blackhurst, Head of Risk Management, Capita plc

It is all too easy for risk management to be undervalued, lost in jargon and considered yet another corporate tick in the box. To me, it has always been about so much more than that, which is why I am delighted to be part of the IRM awards judging panel. I want to see organisations which have been successful at not only implementing successful risk strategies, but adding real value and becoming part of a company’s core.

Alex Butt 100 CurveAlex Butt, Interim Head of Risk, Serco Global Services; Member of IRM & Strategic Risk 100

As a risk practitioner who has worked on both sides of the fence, I truly feel I have observed and contributed to the evolving risk management landscape. Nevertheless I feel privileged to judge best risk practices which are making a difference in our increasingly complex global environment.

Jonathan Cassidy 100 CurveJonathan Cassidy, Insurance Director SBM Offshore

I look forward to reviewing the nominees for this year’s Risk Management Awards. It is always good to see people striving for the best in managing risk; and the introduction of new techniques and tools to aid the development of risk management.

Dr Mark Clegg 100 CurveDr Mark Clegg, Director Training & Consultancy, The Emergency Planning College (EPC),Serco

As someone who works to enhance approaches to risk in a variety of organisations, I’m delighted to be a judge for the 2016 IRM Global Risk Awards. Recognising excellence through the sharing of good practice and knowledge is a vital step in developing performance across our profession.

Tom Cohen 100 CurveTom Cohen , Group Risk Manager, Swire Pacific Limited, Hong Kong

In today’s increasingly complex world I strongly believe in the importance of continuing education in the field of risk management. IRM has been successful both in promoting risk management education and in increasing international awareness of the role of risk managers. I am pleased to able to contribute to these ongoing endeavours in a small way by serving as a judge for IRM’s Global Risk Awards.

Picture 1_100x 100Jackie Ewer , Director of Operational Risk, MBNA Ltd.

The IRM’s recent launch of the risk manager certification scheme is a huge step forward in the evolution of the risk management ‘profession’. I am delighted to support this by being part of the Global Risk Awards judging panel. The awards are an exciting way of inspiring excellence across the industry and are a great platform for sharing success stories and best practices.

Allan Gifford  100 CurveAllan Gifford, Director, Gifford James Ltd

The IRM Global Risk Awards is an opportunity for today’s risk management professionals to showcase innovation, pragmatism, and continual improvement. I’m delighted to be a part of the judging panel, and therefore able to acknowledge and reward those who take our profession forward.

Ghislain Giroux Dufort 100 CurveGhislain Giroux Dufort, President, Baldwin Risk Strategies Inc, Canada

I am a recent member of the Institute of Risk Management and have been impressed by the leadership it exerts and the high standards of quality it holds itself to. I am convinced that IRM Global Risk Awards will be significant and contribute to instil the will to become best in class within the international risk management profession. Therefore, it was both a pleasure and an honour to accept to be a judge for the first edition of the awards.

76133jd _100x 100Caroline Haynes, Chief Risk Officer, MBNA Ltd

With growth front of mind for many organisations it’s critical that Independent Risk Management functions implement effective Enterprise Risk Frameworks that “Make Life Easier” for their organisations. As we learn lessons from the past, I believe that the identification of what industry leading looks like will prove invaluable as we lead towards future success. I’m delighted to be a part of the judging panel, and look forward to recognising emerging talent, standards and best practice.

Caleb Hulme-Moir 100 CurveCaleb Hulme-Moir, Founder, Mana Communications, Sydney, Australia

I’m delighted to be one of the judges at the Global Risk Awards. As the risk management profession has developed and gained recognition by industry in recent years, we have also seen risk related issues gaining greater prominence in the news agenda. It is exciting that we have a new dedicated risk management journalism award for 2014 to recognise excellence in risk management journalism.

David Irwin 100 CurveDavid Irwin, Director, Risk Innovation

The evolution of risk management practice in a world where complexity and novelty increases day on day is fundamental to underpinning progress, retaining control and remaining competitive. I am delighted to be invited to join the judging panel for the IRM Global Awards which provide a fantastic opportunity and deserved kudos for those individuals and organisations willing to lead the way.

John Ludlow 100 CurveJohn Ludlow, Managing Director, Leading-In-Risk Ltd

The IRM Awards are a wonderful way of cheering each other on as we try and inspire our profession to excellence and to embrace change. Risk Management needs to continue to evolve and adapt and to celebrate success. It is an honour to be part of a team to do this.

Keith Povey 100 CurveKeith Povey, Group Corporate Secretary, Lloyd’s Register Group Ltd

As a winner of a previous Global Risk Award from the IRM, I appreciate how valuable the Awards event is for those in the industry and wanted to contribute in a small way by becoming a judge for the next Awards. I am really looking forward to another stunning event!

Dr Keith Smith 100 CurveDr Keith Smith, Risk Consultant and IRM Director, UK

I am pleased to be a judge for the Global Risk Awards and I look forward to seeing how far the boundaries have been pushed by some of our industry’s best practitioners.

Peter Swabey 100 CurvePeter Swabey, Policy & Research Director Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators

ICSA is the professional body focussed on governance – indeed our Royal Charter requires us to lead ‘effective governance and efficient administration of commerce, industry and public affairs’. We see good risk management as one of the essential foundations of good governance and that independent and objective awards are a key means of encouraging innovation and good practice, hence our own awards focussed on corporate reporting held in December. For these reasons, we are delighted to support the IRMs Global Risk Awards and I look forward to reviewing the entries.

Clive Thompson 100 CurveClive Thompson, Project Director, Willis FINEX Global

These awards represent the pinnacle of achievement in what is becoming a “Profession”. Risk Management has “grown up” and is part of the landscape of business and society as a whole. These awards are now part of that landscape and I am proud to judge the achievements of those who are playing their part in demonstrating the benefits of this new “Profession”.

Albert C van der Vyver 100 CurveAlbert C van der Vyver, 
Director, SheRisk, South Africa; Specialist Member of IRM

Educating Risk Management to young Mining Engineers at the University of Pretoria facilitated an old craving to be part of IRM's prestigious award winning culture. There is no more inspiration than giving recognition to admirable talent in the battlefields of risk management. The IRM Global Risk Awards is principal on any calendar, motivating the youth, “and the not so young” for maintaining premium skills of risk management.

Grajudge _2John Zeppos, Managing Partner, Resilience Guard GmbH

It is always great when you have the chance to motivate professionals to evolve in a discipline ! The IRM Global Awards, the most respected Risk Management authority bringing together the best of the best, gives the opportunity to well established professionals to demonstrate their good practices, innovation and drive, taking their organisations to the next level of Resiliency. It is an event where everyone is a winner, but above all the Risk Management itself.

Dr. Andrew Zerzan 100 CurveDr. Andrew Zerzan, 
Head, Risk Management, The British Council

It is with great pleasure that I support these awards. Risk management continues to grow in value in a number of sectors, including outside the financial sector. By recognising best practice in this field, we encourage more organisations to take risk seriously, which will invariably make them more robust against an uncertain future.

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