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Industry award categories

IRM's industry awards recognise risk excellence in three overall categories:

People and Partnerships    

Innovation and Excellence

Risk Solutions

IRM Awards


To excel, risk practitioners must learn from each other, constantly add to their expertise and show leadership. Awards in the People and Partnerships category recognise the exceptional individuals who are the risk leaders of today and tomorrow.

1. Newcomer of the year


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Sponsored by Willis Towers Watson


This award recognises both recent achievement and future potential in risk management professionals who are still in the early stages of their career, having moved into (or started) in risk management within the last five years). The judges will be looking at the impact which the entrant has had in contributing to overall performance and the likelihood that this is someone destined to be a CRO or leading risk professional in the future.

The judges will be looking for evidence of:

  • Personal achievement leading to performance improvement
  • Successful team-building
  • Personal development activity to build skills and knowledge
  • A notable contribution to, and recognition in, the wider profession outside your own company

2. Building risk management capability

This award recognises organisations committed to ensuring that risk management has the skills and knowledge needed to enhance business performance, both now and in the future. We are looking for a clear commitment to ensuring that risk management plays a vital role through investing in the development of their people.

The judges will be looking for evidence of:

  • Understanding of the skills and knowledge needed at all levels of the organisation for the effective implementation of risk management
  • Clear plans for the development of individuals and teams and appropriate allocation of resources
  • Innovative and effective approaches to training and development
  • Benchmarking against external standards

3. Partnership of the year

Good risk management often requires strong partnership working. Recognising the importance of knowledge sharing and networking in building best practice, this category is open to clients and suppliers, wider industry groups or partnership initiatives. The winner will be able to demonstrate how partnership working led to tangible benefits.

The judges will be looking for evidence of:

  • A sustained partnership arrangement with clear risk management goals
  • Tangible benefits that can be attributed to the partnership
  • Innovation of successful methods of joint working and problem solving
  • Excellent communication arrangements

4. Risk management team of the year

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Sponsored by Aon

This award aims to recognise the human capital of the risk management function across the enterprise, including teams that cross geographies and disciplines. The award is designed to honour continuous development and the achievements of the team. Judges will be looking for evidence of excellence in teamwork and communication skills as well as the varied skills profile of the team. Major challenges that the team has faced, and how these were dealt with, would add weight to entries. Entries will also need to demonstrate evidence of leadership by the team director/CRO.

The judges will be looking for evidence of:

  • Outstanding team leadership
  • Evidence of team working across the organization
  • How well the team has dealt with and overcome challenges
  • Relevant professional credentials of team members

5. Risk management professional of the year

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Sponsored by QBE 

This award recognises individuals who have made the most significant achievements in their risk management role during the past year. It is open to individuals who have responsibility for risk management within any type of organisation, with an emphasis on finding examples of clear excellence and outstanding personal qualities.

The judges will be looking for evidence of:

  • Career achievement
  • Contribution to the risk management body of knowledge through publication and participation in industry events
  • Development of younger professionals
  • Putting something back through voluntary service

The judges will also seek validation of entries through making enquiries of risk management bodies and professionals internationally.


The risk environment is evolving increasingly swiftly, presenting organisations with new challenges,threats and opportunities. Awards in the Innovation and Excellence category recognise individuals and organisations who excel at meeting these challenges.

1. Delivering value through risk management 

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Sponsored by Aon

This award is for those who can produce clear evidence that their risk management activities have added value to their organisation. We would like to see entries from organisations where the risk management process has led to demonstrable improvements in business performance and results.

The judges will be looking for evidence of:

  • Sustained revenue enhancement, cost savings or other improvements (e.g. reduced error rates) that can be attributed to a risk management initiative or programme
  • Acknowledgement of the role of risk management as a value-added function within the organisation
  • Value delivery in the context of an overall risk management programme

2. Innovation through technology

In recent years, technology, including social media, has become a huge driving force and enabler for business. How has the risk management function exploited opportunities offered by technology? This award is aimed at organisations who consider that they have developed and/or implemented a successful technological solution.

The judges will be looking for evidence of:

  • Clear understanding of the issue that the technology is employed to address
  • Successful project management and team-working to deliver a technology based solution
  • Successful integration of the technology solution into the organisation
  • Demonstrable value added by the technology solution.

3. Excellence in the face of adversity

This award recognises that things will sometimes go wrong and organisations can face troubling circumstances but such times represent an opportunity to demonstrate resilience and learn from experience. If your organisation or team has gone through a crisis and come out of the other side stronger, then this is the award for you.

The judges will be looking for evidence of:

  • Organisational resilience as demonstrated by the response to a particular incident or series of incidents
  • The value of effective pre-planning and continuity measures
  • Effective communication and team working across different parts of the organisation
  • Effective review procedures to implement lessons learned.

4. Risk management consultancy of the year

This award is targeted at risk management consultancies and the consulting practices of those companies that supply broader services to the industry. Our judging panel look for world class consultancies, delivering clear benefits to their clients.

The judges will be looking for evidence of:

  • Creative ideas for problem solving
  • Innovation in the techniques used
  • Strong positive relationships between the consultancy and the risk professionals in the client company
  • Strength for the future through thought leadership and outstanding professional development of individuals on the consultancy team

5. Service provider of the year

This award recognises the very best in service delivery among those that supply any risk management services to the industry. We will be looking for evidence of best in class offerings which exceed expectations.

The judges will be looking for evidence of:

  • Customer satisfaction including helping customers to achieve their risk management goals
  • A commitment to risk management professional development within the service provider
  • Innovative approaches to meeting customer needs and problem solving
  • High quality delivery and customer service standards


Some risks pose threats so severe that they threaten operational success. The awards in the Risk Solutions category celebrate organisations which have developed solutions to overcome particularly challenging risks.

1. Cyber risk strategy of the year

Cyber risk strategy of the year

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Sponsored by Axelos

Today’s organisations need a strategic, responsive approach to cyber security to protect their critical information assets. The winner in this category will demonstrate how they embed effective cyber reslience across their entire enterprise risk management.

The judges will be looking for evidence of:

  • A cyber resilience strategy that supports the delivery of the corporate strategy
  • How cyber risks are measured and reported to the Board and across the business
  • Strong communication and collaboration with key stakeholders to build awareness
  • Delivering continual improvements in cyber risk management.

2. Managing risk across boundaries

More and more organisations are operating across geographical boundaries as they look to penetrate new markets. This award recognises the most effective risk management from a multinational organisation. We will be looking for entries from individuals or teams where there is strong evidence of a strategic approach to managing risk across boundaries.

The judges will be looking for evidence of:

  • Language and cultural barriers successfully overcome
  • Innovative approaches to risk management problem solving across geographical boundaries
  • Team or individual activity leading to sustained performance improvement
  • Successful team-building across geographical boundaries

3. Risk management solution of the year

This award recognises technology providers who have developed and/or implemented a successful technology solution to assist and advance risk management for their clients. The winner will need to demonstrate successful project management, team working, solution integration and evidence of value creation.

The judges will be looking for evidence of:

  • Clear understanding of the client's needs
  • Successful project management and team-working to deliver a technology based solution
  • Successful integration of the technology solution into the client
  • Demonstrable value added by the technology solution


These awards recognise members of the wider IRM community. These include our highest achieving students, those who have made a significant contribution to furthering IRM’s work and maximising the impact of risk management, and those who tell the story of risk to the wider business world.

These awards are made by IRM.

1. International Certificate student of the year

This award is made to the IRM Certificate student who achieves the highest average mark across the two modules Principles of Risk and Risk Management and Practices of Risk Management.

2. International Diploma student of the year

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Sponsored by Zurich

IRM’s International Diploma in Risk Management is as demanding as it is rewarding. It is widely recognised as the global gold standard in enterprise risk management education. The IRM Diploma students with the highest examination marks over the past year compete for this award by producing a one thousand word assignment, with the winner chosen by an academic and practitioner panel.

3. Journalism of the year award

This award celebrates excellence in the reporting and portrayal of risk management in print, broadcast and digital media. It aims to promote a better understanding of risk issues by encouraging and supporting high quality journalism in the UK and internationally. It is awarded to an individual or organisation which demonstrates the most comprehensive and informative coverage of risk management related issues.

4. IRM Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognises distinctive and exemplary contributions to the profession of risk management. Nominees may come from the profession, business, academia, the public sector, or any walk of life. They need not be IRM members. It is expected that award winners will not only have an outstanding record of personal achievements, but will have also made a significant contribution to the advancement of risk management knowledge and practice. Contributions to the thought leadership work of IRM are considered appropriate in this instance.

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