Extended Enterprise 2014: Managing risk in the world of 'VUCA' - volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity

The days of ‘self- contained’ business are over. Virtually all organisations, from start-ups to multi-nationals now rely on a complex and interconnected web of  suppliers,  services,  consultants,  energy providers, distributors and many more simply to do business. This ‘extended enterprise’ gives you efficiencies of scale and expertise but it also poses growing multiples of risk. If any part of your network faces unmanaged risk, this has consequences for your own business. 

Extended Enterprise 2014, run by the world’s leading professional body for risk management, will show you  the exact extent of your extended enterprise, the risks and opportunities it presents  to your business and how best to manage them.

Using IRM’s “Extended EnterpriseResources for Practitioners”, this conference is about practical solutions for managing extended commercial risk.  The event will enable you to immediately apply the knowledge of expert speakers and authors of the report to your own organisation. 

Who should attend?

  • Chief risk officers
  • Heads of risk & risk managers from all sectors and types of organisation
  • Operational risk managers
  • Risk and insurance managers
  • Internal audit and control professionals
  • Risk advisers and consultants

Benefits for attendees:

  • Meet the  authors of the “Extended EnterpriseResources for Practitioners”
  • Understand the full range of extended enterprise threats to your business, including some that may surprise you
  • Arm yourself with  the latest  developments and practical response strategies
  • Bring your questions and have them answered in panel discussions and networking opportunities
  • Become your organisation’s expert in  identifying and combatting extended enterprise risk 

Benefits for the business:

  • Fully understand your exposure to extended enterprise risk – however far down the chain they are
  • Protect your reputation by effectively managing your clients’ and customers’ risks.
  • Minimise the financial, reputational and continuity risks of incidents.
  • Embed and integrate  extended enterprise risk at board level

Build your CPD:

This event will give you 10 IRM CPD points.

For further information please email:  jason.williams@theirm.org


Extended Enterprise:
Managing risk in complex 21st century organisations
Executive Summary

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Extended Enterprise:

Managing risk in complex 21st century organisations
Resources for practitioners

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