World Risk 2015 - Dubai

On 8 October 2015, the IRM and Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) held their second annual World Risk - Dubai Conference. The conference was held at the Madinat Jumeirah Hotel in Dubai.

About the conference

The IRM in conjunction with DEWA held the 2015 World Risk technical symposium, bringing insights into the way risk is managed internationally. Topical workshops make it easy for you to understand tried and tested risk models, how to effectively measure risk and how to embed it in the culture and structure of your organisation.

Keynote speakers

Felix Baumgartner - an Austrian BASE jumper and stuntman who made history by breaking 3 World Records at once: the first human to break the sound barrier without the assistance of a vehicle, the highest manned balloon flight, and the highest sky dive.

Tim Harford - a world renowned behavioural economist and award-winning Financial Times columnist. His first two books, The Logic of Life and The Undercover Economist, have been translated into 30 languages and sold well over a million copies. He is also presenter of Radio 4’s More or Less, and Pop Up Economics. Revealing the everyday realities of economics, Tim considers how the world, people and organisations work and the truth behind risk, decision making and commerce.

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