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IRM's Innovation Group virtual meeting - Sustainability and responsibility

Date: 20 January 2022, 17:30 - 19:00

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In 2021 the Innovation Group successfully launched our papers on resilience and hosted a very successful online conference on how digital technological innovation is revolutionising how risk management is undertaken. We also launched our next theme: “How can risk management be used to ensure true sustainability/ESG/responsibility within an organisation?” at the online talk held in collaboration with the Switzerland Group.

Our next event in which we will truly kick off our new theme will be an open meeting during which we will:

- Approve minutes from last meeting

- Revisit 2021 (ensure everyone knows where the links/papers are + any comments)

- Any general updates from the IRM / other relevant items

- Kick-off new theme: “How can risk management be used to ensure true sustainability / ESG / responsibility within an organisation?”

- Hear from members of other complimentary groups who are working on this / similar topics (e.g. ESG SIG, Climate change SIG, BIS/ISO, etc.)

- Breakouts/brainstorming discussion regarding what we as a group would like to achieve during this theme.

- Confirm outputs we’d like to achieve, plan, roles and responsibilities for delivery.


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