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ERM in Insurance SIG webinar - Strategic transformation and risk - capturing the opportunities for insurance

Date: 23 February 2021, 13:30 - 15:00

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In insurance companies today, there is a significant focus on change and transformation - this is crucial for insurers to survive and thrive in the future, and to "build back better" after the pandemic. The approaches used to manage change and transformation have been developed and refined over recent years. However, before the pandemic regulators identified that firms' failed change management had been the highest historical source of operational disruption, and there have been some high-profile failures. There is therefore a strong case for seeking to enhance risk management as part of the effective management of change and transformation.

This roundtable session brings together a number of practitioners who are experienced in leading, managing and overseeing change and transformation in insurance companies. They will discuss their thoughts on the case for risk function engagement, how risk can support transformation and how the benefits of transformation can be delivered. This will help attendees to understand the context in which strategic transformation is taking place in insurance and consider how the risk function's role needs to change and adapt to create increased value.

Please note that Chatham House rules will apply.



Aurore Lecanon, CRO at Prudential International Assurance, previous Transformation Risk Director at Prudential UK

Martyn Rodden CMIRM, Director of Strategy and Transformation at MS Amlin

Mariano Selvaggi, Project Risk Manager at QBE Insurance Europe



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