Planning and structuring your CPD

In structuring your CPD you should think about whether you are aiming to develop technical knowledge, personal skills or both. For example, for technical knowledge:

Competency Description

Improve your orgnanisational ability

(Insights and Context in the professional standards)

Uses knowledge of internal and external influences to ensure robust risk management
  • write a technical article or other technical publication
  • arrange the technical content of a SIG meeting or seminar
  • develop business skills beyond core risk management

Extend your knowledge of RM strategy and architecture

(Strategy and Performance in the professional standards)

Develops a risk management strategy to meet organisational needs

  • contribute to risk management research and thought leadership
  • plan, facilitate and/or attend a risk assessment workshop
  • support development of risk management strategy and standards

Enhance your knowledge of the RM process

(Risk Management Process in the professional standards)

Manages the risk management process
  • attend a risk management training course, workshop or seminar
  • understake study leading to a relevant risk management qualification
  • read and/or review relevant technical books and articles

Improve your influencing skills

(Organisational Capability in the professional standards)

Develops and manages a skilled, agile and responsive risk organisation
  • prepare and/or deliver a risk management presentation
  • chair an IRM RIG or SIG meeting or event for another professional body
  • take part in mentoring, coaching or teaching activities


Further details on IRM's CPD scheme