Framework and Structure

The Professional Standards Framework is made up of standards and behavioural competences.

1. Professional standards – these describe the ‘what’ – i.e. the knowledge and skills needed to do the job. There are four functional areas, each of which has a number of components:

Insights and Context

  • Risk management principles and practice<
  • Organisational environment
  • External operating environment

Strategy and Performance

  • Risk management strategy and architecture
  • Risk management policy and procedures
  • Risk culture and appetite
  • Risk performance and reporting

Risk management process

  • Risk assessment
  • Risk treatment

Organisational capability

  • Communication and consultation
  • Change management
  • People management

2. Behavioural competencies – these describe the ‘how’ – i.e. the personal qualities and behaviours needed to do the job well. There are six behavioural competencies.