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IRM’s new Australia Regional Group aims to help professionals boost the risk maturity levels in their organisations in an unprecedentedly busy time

Colin McCrorey, IRMCert, has been announced as the Chair of IRM’s first Australia Group. Colin has over twenty years of working in roles managing enterprise, project, and operational risks across a variety of sectors from aerospace, defence, transport, and infrastructure to oil and gas, mining and nuclear. He is Managing Director of VICTOREM a risk and assurance management consultancy and is an IRM accredited training partner.
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Friend or foe: The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the impact on risk managers.

By Sean Gotora, Alexander Larsen, CFIRM, and Myriam Bou Younes, AFF, with some help from ChatGPT.
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How have Supply Chain delays affected household goods across the globe?

Let’s look at some of the household goods that we may not have previously thought about being affected by supply chain issues and are continuing to be affected worldwide.
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Remote working helps engage staff

Remote working helps engage staff in their tasks as a new study on meeting shows, according to the Harvard Business Review.

Managers have consistently worried that remote working is not a true replacement for in-office work. Despite the success many organisations made of homeworking during the pandemic, several businesses are desperate for staff to return on site.

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EU strengthens regulation targeting deforestation

The European Union has agreed to strengthen regulation targeting products that contribute to deforestation.

New regulation aims to set strong, mandatory due diligence rules for companies importing to or exporting from Europe. Businesses will need to prove that their products do not contain materials produced deforested land.

Commodities affected include cattle, poultry, cocoa, coffee, palm oil, soy and maize among others.

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