5 days of back-to-back days training based on our most popular courses


The Risk Essentials: Training Masterclass

5 days of back-to-back days training based on our most popular courses


This masterclass is based on the content of our three most popular and practical courses: the fundamentals of risk management (FoRM), embedding risk management ERM) and effective risk registers and assessments (ERRA) and brings them into a tailored masterclass of risk management essentials. You will gain broad and deep understanding of risk management. The masterclass will be delivered over 5 intensive days.

Day one will focus on our FoRM course, effectively FoRM-Lite. You will be introduced to risk management; what it is, the framework, examining the risk processes and covering the context and vocabulary of risk management.

Days two, three and four will focus on the risk management framework and practical implementation tools. You will deep dive into the key risk management topics including: Objective setting & understanding, Risk Appetite & Culture, Risk Identification & Assessment, Risk responses &  resilience to handle change and Risk assurance & communication. Over these three days you will continuously build and assess your own tailored case study for your organisation (or an organisation based on our case studies if more appropriate).

On Day five you will prepare your case study for presentation and assessment; offering you the chance to have an experienced risk professional critique your case study as well as learn from other delegates perspectives and organisations.

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Context of risk management

Risk vocabulary

Risk standards / regulation & governance

The five stages of a risk management framework:

1. Objectives

2. Appetite

3. Risk identification & assessment

4. Risk Responses

5. Risk assurance


Objectives: Importance of understanding organisational objectives (risk is the effect of uncertainty on achievement of objectives). Breaking Objectives down into Drivers and KPIs so they can be mapped to risk indicators (KRIs).

Risk Appetite: Understanding the differences between: Appetite, Tolerance, Capacity and Universe. Methods to create Appetite statements that are effective at both a strategic and operational level (defining “expected” so everyone in the organisation can “spot deviations from the expected”).


Risk Culture: How Culture influences the risk maturity of an organisation. Examination of the Culture model and personal Biases & Behaviours. In this segment we will examine how to best use risk workshops in your organisation taking on board the individual personalities in a team.

Risk Identification & Evaluation:

  • External Stakeholder and Front-to-back models to comprehensively identify risks.
  • Use of bow-ties and fishbone models to understand risks
  • As well as diving into the classic Impact/Likelihood model to also introduce a Control Effectiveness model

Risk Responses:

  • What controls and initiatives should be in place to respond to risks.
  • Creating a mini-business case to support new controls
  • Resilience assessment to understand the capacity of the organisation to take on new controls.

Risk Assurance:

  • Identification of stakeholders who (a) need and (b) provide assurance
  • Techniques including important roles and 3 lines of defence.
  • Role of Audit in assurance
  • Forward looking assurance – horizon scanning and blue sky thinking.

Pulling it all together:

  • Summarising learnings
  • Presentation of case work built up over the week
  • Critiquing of work – by a risk professional
  • Course exam followed by Certification

Individual feedback:

  • One on one session with the Tutor on outcomes
  • Pairing with another participant to validate individual action plans


Benefits of attending:

  • 30 CPD hours
  • Up to a year's free affiliate membership of the IRM
  • 10% off our qualifications 
  • Access to our Thought Leadership and online publications
  • Global recognition from the industry leading  professional body for enterprise risk management
  • A learning experience like no other: Networking opportunities and learning different perspectives  from professionals from companies all over the world
  • 30 years of experience from industry leaders

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