The risk profession

Today’s global and fast-changing business environment means organisations need effective and responsive risk management strategies to stay competitive. More than ever, they need the tools and processes to manage daily operations, business disruptions and customer and stakeholder expectations.

Today's risks include customer action in public forums, increased reliance on third parties and extended networks, cyber failure and breach, terrorism, the rise of social media, a stronger regulatory environment and the threats posed by natural phenomena from floods to earthquakes.

Businesses need to demonstrate to customers and stakeholders alike that these risks are being managed effectively. Organisations need skilled professionals with the right qualifications to ensure the right plans, processes and procedures are embedded and implemented. Risk management is a growth industry, with demand increasing particularly strongly in the world's new high-growth economies

Risk management careers

Risk management is a multi-disciplinary profession made up of dedicated chief risk officers, risk managers, advisors, specialists and consultants. Read more about risk management careers.