Martin Wolf, Chief Economics Commentator at the Financial Times, announced as keynote speaker for 2018 Cambridge Risk Summit

The Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies (CRS) have announced that the keynote speaker at their Risk Summit on 20 June will be Martin Wolf, Chief Economics Commentator at the Financial Times. 

CRS is one of IRM’s key research partners and are currently working on a major research project looking at risk management practices of large corporates.

The theme for the conference is ‘Risks Beyond Boundaries’ which will be an exploration of risks that transcend national boundaries and jurisdictions, and that are truly systemic and international in nature. Through a series of expert presentations and interactive panel sessions, the event will engage with the nascent risk management issues that these risks bring to light, including those related to globalisation, climate change, and the convergence of digital and physical worlds.

Martin's keynote topic is entitled: "The perils of Pauline: how to prevent the economy from blowing up finance and finance from blowing up the economy"

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