Our story

RMP1The Institute of Risk Management (IRM) was founded in April 1986 to meet growing demand for a diploma course in risk management. It was one of the first such qualifications with universal benefit for students working in risk management in any sector, whether in industry, commerce, academia or elsewhere.
RMP2Led by AIRMIC (The Association of Insurance and Risk Managers), support for the wider role of IRM came from the Royal Society, the Geneva Association, the UK Departments of Education and Science, and Trade and Industry, the UK Health and Safety Executive, Glasgow Caledonian University and a host of other businesses and organisations.


RMP3As a specialist institute, we recognised that the multi-disciplinary nature of risk management required us to work together with other centres of risk expertise around the world. We have done so ever since, actively working with partner organisations to develop new educational programmes, thought leadership and continuing professional development. 

RMP4In 2005 we launched the introductory International Certificate in Risk Management to compliment the existing diploma-level qualification. We now deliver general and specialist training courses, events, our topical risk management magazine and a variety of other work to underpin the professional development of risk  professionals across the world.

2011 ImageIn 2011, we celebrated IRM's 25-year Silver Jubilee. In the same year we published our first member-led thought leadership guidance, Risk Appetite and Risk Tolerance Guidance Paper.

With international demand for risk management expertise growing, we launched our Bermuda and Singapore Regional Groups, the first of IRM's many regional groups across the world.

Launching our new Risk Management in Financial Services qualification, we also celebrated the success of our first 1,000 students achieving IRM's International Certificate in Risk Management.  

2014 ImageIn 2014, we published Cyber Risk, our latest member-led thought leadership research to give risk professionals the practical knowledge they need. In the summer of 2014 we hosted a major Cyber Risk summit.

More than half our members and students now come from countries outside the UK. 


The future

With growing demand for risk management expertise across the world, our training and qualifications are increasingly sought after in the new high-growth economies. As our member numbers grow, we continue to develop our qualifications, courses, events and publications.

While we have ambitious plans for the future of IRM, we will always ensure that the needs and priorities of our members, and the reputation and status of the wider risk management profession, remain at the heart of everything we do.