Our governance

The Board of Directors (the Board) is the governing body of IRM and is responsible to the members for managing the business and affairs of IRM. Its role is essentially strategic. Operational and day-to-day management of IRM is the responsibility of the chief executive, who works with the Board to develop IRM strategy.

The Board Charter sets out the respective roles, responsibilities and authorities of the board of directors (both individually and collectively) in setting the direction, the management and the control of the Institute.

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IRM Board Committees

Nominations Committee

The purpose of the Nominations Committee is to ensure that a formal, robust and transparent process exists for selecting potential Board members and appointing committee chairs. Download terms of reference.

Audit & Risk Committee

The Audit & Risk Committee assists the board in the fulfilment of its corporate governance duties in relation to risk management, internal control and financial reporting. Download terms of reference.

Remuneration Committee

The purpose of the Remuneration Committee is to ensure that a transparent procedure exists for the appraisal and remuneration of the Chief Executive and the executive staff, and that appropriate incentives are available to encourage peak staff performance. Download terms of reference.

Professional Standards and Committee

The Professional Standards and Certification Committee exists to maintain and enhance IRM's global reputation and brand by ensuring that high standards are consistently set and applied in respect of:

  • admission to certified member status

  • maintaining certified membership

  • membership upgrades and transfers

  • products / services developed to support the use of certification and/or standards

The commmittee also oversees the development and maintenance of IRM's global professional standards framework. Download terms of reference.

Education Development Committee

The Education Development Committee aims to keep the Institute abreast of key educational developments, responding to initiatives as required, in order to maintain IRM's reputation and standing as a professional body. Download terms of reference.

Technical Committee

The purpose of the Technical Committee is to support the positioning of IRM as the leading professional body for risk management. Its work also supports, informs and advances IRM’s professional standards and educational development. Download terms of reference.

Get involved

If you would like to be more involved in the work of the Institute, perhaps by joining one of our committees, please contact us at membership@theirm.org.  You can view other opportunities for getting involved here

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 

The last IRM AGM took place on 6th December 2018 at Willis Towers Watson, London. 

View the result announcements and meeting minutes

Annual Report & Financial Statements

Download IRM's Report and Accounts below.

Annual Report 2018

Articles of Association

The Articles of Association set out the basic management and administrative structure of the Institute. They regulate IRM's internal affairs, for example, the powers and duties of directors, calling general meetings, the categories of membership, and so on. They are public documents and cannot be changed without the approval of IRM's members. The Articles were last revised at the 6 December 2018 Annual General Meeting.

Download the Articles of Association