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27 November 2014

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IRM's AGM will take place at 9:30am on Tuesday 2 December 2014. 

This year, there are three vacancies on the Board of Directors and four candidates standing for election.

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Latest News
Slavery, secrecy and the supply chain
Slavery, secrecy and the supply chain
The UK’s first anti-slavery commissioner today fired a salvo over the heads of boards who adopt an ‘ignore first, hand wring later’ response to slavery in their supply chains. Kevin Hyland was only appointed last week but has already made it clear he expects companies to be proactive about eliminating enforced labour from t… Read more
Has oil price war been declared?
Has oil price war been declared?
The price of Brent crude hit its lowest price since 2010 this week. While Western consumers bemoan the fact this hasn’t so far translated into lower domestic fuel costs, the implications for the global economy are growing. Nigeria, Russia, Iran and Venezuela are clearly worried about the effect the oil glut is having on the… Read more
House price world domination
House price world domination
Back in the mists of time people bought houses to live in, and the cost of housing in owner-occupier dominated economies was more or less affordable. Not any more. Property bubbles are growing and popping across the globe, weighing down forecasts for global growth and increasingly dictating inflationary policy. It may have … Read more