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IRM is seeking three new directors to join its board in December. Those interested in applying must be existing members and have an understanding of, and commitment to, what IRM stands for. 

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Insurer could move location if Scotland turns independent
Insurer could move location if Scotland turns independent
Leading insurance firm Standard Life has said it could move its headquarters from Edinburgh to London in the event of Scottish independence. Citing ‘material issues’ that could affect its four-million strong customer database, the company voiced concerns about potential risks to the business. It said: ‘We do not believe tha… Read more
FCA limits sale of high-risk, high-yield bonds
FCA limits sale of high-risk, high-yield bonds
City watchdog, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), has placed a one-year ban on the sale of risky complex bank bonds to individual investors. In the first use of its new consumer protection powers, the FCA says it will limit the selling of contingent convertible securities, or ‘coco bonds’, from 1 October, as the high-yi… Read more
Funding crisis ‘threatens the NHS’
Funding crisis ‘threatens the NHS’
A £20 billion-a-year funding black hole will threaten the founding principles of the National Health Service, unless controversial reforms proposed by the Coalition’s are brought in to avert the crisis, writes Health Secretary Andrew Lansley in The Daily Telegraph. He warns that the core values of the NHS are under threat a… Read more